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    Constantiam is a semi-vanilla Minecraft server running 1.12.2 with no whitelist.
    It has an infinite map size, no gameplay rules, no admin interference.
    There are no resets; the map is persistent.

    You can join right now using: constantiam.net
    You can contact the operator at constantiamserver@gmail.com

    Players: / 420
  • Constantiam News

    ▶ Submit reports, suggestions or love letters.
    ▶ Submit custom death messages.

    25 May 2018: The server is now on the new hardware. Email constantiamserver@gmail.com with any bugs.

    More news will appear here as it is needed.

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  • Information

    Months since Constantiam started: 33
    World map file size: 991GB
    Total players joined: 19,020



    Login Messages

    You can buy a login message that all players will see.
    $2 for 48 hours. No personal info or coordinates please.
    Email constantiamserver@gmail.com before purchasing.

    (Stats updated 14 November 2018)

  • Donate

    Constantiam costs $105 a month to run and is currently paid for via donations.
    Donations are appreciated and help keep the server running and optimized.
    You can also purchase messages that are displayed when players log in. See the Info tab.

    There is no minimum donation amount and 100% of it goes into the server payment account for current and future months, upgrades and maintenance costs.

    - Donate via Paypal here -

    December - $105 / $105
    January - $105 / $105
    February - $2 / $105